Iomega 32324 Zip 750MB External USB Drive

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Iomega 32324 Zip 750MB External USB Drive Description

Product description 750MB USB 2.0 External Zip Disk Drive From the Manufacturer The fastest Zip drive–the Zip 750 MB drive–is also the most durable storage solution for backing up and archiving your important data. The Zip 750 MB drive transfers data at an amazing 7 Mbps, making it the fastest and the highest-capacity of all Zip drives and disks yet. And to make it easy to use, you’ll also get Iomega Automatic Backup software (to make backup a snap) and Iomega Sync software (to transfer files between computers seamlessly)–making it perfect for mobile users. Zip 750 MB drives and disks are the smart data storage choice. Iomega Automatic Backup software backs up your important files automatically. Simply select the files you want to protect and personalize your backup schedule and location(s). The software does the rest! Backup locations include Zip drives, Iomega HDD drives, and Iomega NAS servers. Restoring data is easy–just drag and drop (Version 1.0.2). Iomega Sync software allows you the freedom of portable data protection, keeping your important files synched between multiple computers. Active Disk-powered, the Iomega Sync software lives, launches, and runs on your portable Zip disk. As you change and save files, Iomega Sync automatically synchronizes between your hard drive and your disk. So, your latest file revision is always on your Zip disk, making Iomega Sync the perfect choice for mobile users. When you add a Zip drive to your computer, it is like adding 750 MB to your computer’s storage capacity. And with each Zip 750 MB disk you purchase, you add 750 MB more! And because Zip disks are the most durable backup media, you never have to worry about a scratch destroying your data. Active Disk technology gives you the power to run unique software applications straight from your Zip disk. Download other Active Disk-powered software titles to your Zip disks and run them everywhere you go. There’s nothing to install on your computer because the application launches automatically when you insert your Zip disk. Both the software and the projects that you create stay right on the disk, so they won’t clutter up your hard drive. Simply eject it when you’re finished, and everything is saved to your Zip disk. And since your software and files are on a Zip disk, you know they’re completely safe, secure and portable. Feature summary: Complete with Iomega Solutions Suite software Easy plug and play Reads and writes Zip 750 MB and Zip 250 MB disks; read-only on Zip 100 MB disks USB port Mac and PC compatible External Drive One-year limited warranty

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